Bridge Loans

Does Your Business Need Immediate Cash?

Do you have a financial obligation that needs to be taken care of now, while still awaiting a longer-term financing solution to kick-in or be secured?  Would immediate financing assist with taking care of such financial obligations?  Then a bridge loans may be the solution for you.

Business bridge loans are used when your cash flow falls short, and are effective when your business needs immediate funding.  Bridge loans can be used to invest in working capital for general business purposes, such as cash to stock up on inventory, purchase materials, complete a project, or even cover payroll.  Bridge loans can be used for a number of other purposes as well:

  • Pay rent, utility, or tax bills

  • Cover recruitment or training  expenses

  • Make payments to suppliers and vendors 

  • Pay bills if your clients are late on payments

  • Take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities to expand your business

Give your business the cash it needs to thrive.  Cumberland Financial can assist your business in obtaining a bridge loan that offers the flexibility necessary to add cash during down cycles.  You may even be eligible for fast approval with immediate funding.