Commercial Real Estate Financing

What Kind of Commercial Real Estate Financing Do You Qualify For?

At Cumberland Financial, we offer a broad range of commercial real estate financing options.  These programs are designed to help independent entrepreneurs, small businesses, corporations, real estate developers, and investment property owners.  In other words, we offer solutions for nearly every business, no matter the focus.  What type of real estate loans does your business qualify for?

Investment Loans

Companies with experience in real estate investment and property development can qualify for large loan amounts to finance sizable projects.  Here are some of the available options:

  • Equity and mezzanine financing:  secure financing for the largest projects with the backing of trustworthy investors who understand the local market; our available capital allows us to back development projects anywhere.

  • CMBS loans:  securitizing commercial properties is an excellent alternative financing option that minimizes the hassle of applying for financing.

  • International financing:  local investments aren’t the only type of property acquisition your business can undertake; we can also assist you with financing in European and Asian markets.

  • Conventional loans:  with a solid credit score, your business can obtain the best interest rates possible for acquisition of an existing property, building construction, remodeling, and re-purposing.

The better your credit history, credit score, and financial management skills, the larger the possible loan amount.  Our loans feature exceptional interest rates and terms.

Construction Loans

We provide construction financing for all types of businesses.  Businesses that focus on construction can choose traditional and alternative financing types to prepare for their construction projects.  Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Permanent construction financing

  • FHA and HUD loans

  • SBA 504 and 7(a) loans

  • Bridge loans

With these options, construction businesses can always secure enough capital to take care of preliminary needs before the start of a project.  This includes materials purchases and other necessary equipment.  Construction loans are also useful for multifamily housing developers.  Depending on your business’s size and credit score, you can qualify directly for excellent interest rates or use the property itself as collateral to reduce risk.

Learn more about the commercial real estate financing solutions available by contacting our team right away.


Should You Apply for Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Financing?

Most business owners want to acquire property for their own company.  This makes great financial sense and is one of the primary business goals sought by business owners.  At Cumberland Financial, we understand the appeal of owning your own business location, and we make it easy to find the right financing for your business‘s needs.  For many companies, our stated income commercial real estate financing is an exceptional solution.

Why Apply for Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Financing?

There are many benefits to owning your own company location instead of renting.  With a stated income loan, you can purchase a wide variety of commercial properties without difficulty.  Here are several advantages to owning real estate:

  • Your payments are an investment in the business’s future

  • Decisions about the property are your decisions

  • Your company can expand or remodel in the manner you choose

  • You don’t require any approval to modify décor

  • You choose your ideal layout

  • Your can increase your business’s visibility

Being able to customize your company headquarters at will is totally different than attempting to do so in a leased property.  You control the steps to lower your overhead and maximize profits.  When the time comes, and you’re ready to expand, you can add extra production or storage areas.  You don’t have to ask for permission to make these improvements and you never need to worry about a landlord raising your rent.

What Are the Requirements for a Stated Income Real Estate Loan?

Stated income financing is generally easier to qualify for than traditional commercial real estate financing.  You don’t require perfect credit or collateral for the loan.  Instead, the property you intend to purchase acts as the collateral and minimizes risk.  As long as you have decent credit, management 

experience, and healthy cash flow, you can be approved quickly.  The documents required are related primarily to the property’s value, so you won’t need to dig up years of business records.

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