Equipment Financing

Is Equipment Financing a Good Investment for Your Business?

Equipment is vital for every business.  From diagnostic tools to computers, the equipment your business needs to operate effectively can often be expensive, and you may not want to deplete all of your cash on hand for such purchases.  Cumberland Financial offers equipment financing and leasing options to help you afford the equipment your company needs.

Programs To Choose From

Businesses fall into different categories because they have various needs when it comes to equipment financing.  Cumberland Financial offers the following programs to help different types of businesses obtain the equipment they need to thrive.

  • B, C and D programs:  we finance equipment for companies with imperfect credit histories.

  • Sale and lease-back programs:  you can sell your equipment, and then lease it back, providing you with needed cash.

  • Startup programs:  qualify for equipment loans even if you’re a new company.

  • Government and municipal programs:  public entities, such as libraries and police stations, can receive guaranteed approval for equipment loans.

Benefits of Equipment Leasing

If you choose to lease, you can upgrade equipment as new models become available.  You will not be responsible for routine maintenance and repairs.  This option gives you significant tax advantages and allows you to make low monthly payments so you can use cash on hand for other, more pressing needs.

Reasons To Finance Equipment

Cumberland Financial offers equipment loans up to $500,000 and more.  If your application is for a loan less than $150,000, you may not need to show financial statements, and little-to-no collateral is required for equipment loans.  You’ll also be able to select from various payment structures.

Contact Us Today

Whether you own a new startup or a large corporation, that business very likely needs some type of equipment to function.  Equipment financing can help you afford the equipment you need so you can save your cash on hand for other requirements.  At Cumberland Financial, we’re ready to help you find an equipment loan that fits your company’s needs, so contact us today.