Invoice Factoring

Is Excellent Credit Required for Accounts Receivable Financing?

It’s not unusual for small businesses to have credit issues.  And new businesses may take a while to build up credit history.  In either situation, accounts receivable financing is one of the best options available.  You can get the capital you need for important items or purchases without adding to debt.  At Cumberland Financial, we’ve helped many businesses obtain this type of financing and put the capital to great use.

What Are the Requirements for Accounts Receivable Financing?

With AR financing, you’re obtaining a cash advance using unpaid invoices.  For this reason, there aren’t many requirements for your company other than having valid invoices.  What really matters is the financial health of your customers.  If they have good credit, then you’re good to go.

Here are a few of the advantages of financing receivables:

  • No payments

  • No collateral

  • No personal guarantees

  • No complicated application process

Getting started is easy for many different businesses.  We’re happy to explain the entire process in detail and answer all of your questions.

How Much Money Can You Qualify For?

The amount of capital extended depends directly on the size of the invoice.  Generally, a substantial amount of the invoices’ value can be provided immediately, and deposited directly into your bank account.  The remainder is deposited after your client pays the invoice balance.  A small percentage of the total value is charged, and you never have to worry about interest payments or debt.

Apply right away to take advantage of this incredible financial tool.


Is Purchase Order Financing an Option?

At Cumberland Financial, we have multiple financing options for businesses of every size and background.  We understand that it’s not easy to balance cash flow in today’s market.  With purchase order financing , we can help your business get the financing it needs, even with less-than-perfect credit.  This option is simple, fast, and effective.

How Does a Business Qualify for Purchase Order Financing?

The primary requirement for PO financing is that you have an established customer base.  Some businesses build up an impressive list of clients rather quickly while others take longer.  As soon as you have purchase orders from reputable clients, you’re ready to begin.  Here are a few other qualifications:

  • Finished goods distribution:  for PO financing, you need to be a business that supplies finished goods to business clients or end consumers; this can include wholesalers, distributors, or other types of suppliers.

  • Business experience:  you don’t need extensive entrepreneurial experience, but we look for business owners who have an established relationship with their customers.

  • Dedication:  we’re happy to assist business owners who have a drive for company growth; PO financing can be the ideal tool to increase the size of your monthly sales or the number of customers you serve.

As you can see, your company’s credit score is not a primary factor for approval determination.  Even businesses with poor cash flow or past credit issues can qualify.  To get started, contact us right away.