Fix-n-Flip Loans

Can I Qualify for a Fix-n-Flip Loan?

At Cumberland Financial, we have programs to qualify nearly every borrower.  And we’ll get you qualified faster than a traditional bank for a fix-n-flip loan.  Many different property types qualify for a fix-n-flip loan, including single-family properties, condominiums, two- to four-unit multi-family properties, and even multi-family properties with five or more units.

What are the Characteristics of a Fix-n-Flip Loan?

  • Finance 80 to 85% of the purchase and rehab costs, with some loans financing up to 90%

  • 12-month terms, with some loans up to an 18-month term

  • Some loans must be personally guaranteed

  • Interest only payments

  • No prepayment penalty

  • Generally, minimum credit score of 620

Fix-n-Flip real estate investors all share one thing in common—the creative vision for transforming a run-down property into an updated, modern home.  Many of those same fix-n-flip visionaries share something else in common—they miss out on incredible, and profitable, opportunities due to lack of capital.  Cumberland Financial can help you position your business to seize those opportunities!