Other Types of Financing

Is It Time To Apply for Consumer Financing?

Today, many consumers are choosing to finance more of their purchase items.  Thus, there are more benefits to having a consumer finance program in place for your business:

  • Large-ticket item sales

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Brand recognition

  • Repeat business

When people have access to deferred payments in manageable monthly amounts, it’s more convenient to commit to larger purchases.  Consumer financing enables your company to get paid right away while also allowing your clients to pay over time, creating a win-win situation.

What Are the Requirements for Your Business?

We’ve worked with small businesses, corporations, and e-commerce companies in setting up consumer finance programs, and we can assist your business with the same.  More important than your company’s credit score is its reputation and customer base.  As long as you have healthy sales volumes and credit-worthy clients, getting approved is simple.

What Are the Requirements for Your Customers?

At Cumberland Financial, we make getting approved for consumer financing as easy as possible for your customers, too.  This includes offering strong credit limits, consistent authorization for purchases, and excellent revolving credit.  We want payments to be a rewarding experience.  If your clients qualify for a traditional credit card, it’s very likely they’ll also qualify for consumer financing just as easily.

Our consumer financing works well for retail stores, distributors, wholesalers, and other businesses.  Any company that sells large-ticket items should apply, so get started right away.


Get Expert Franchise Financing Help Today

If you’re looking to franchise your business, Cumberland Financial offers franchise financing.  This allows you to expand and grow your business with financial peace of mind.  We offer competitive rates, fast closing times, and working capital to get you started.  Our financial experts can help you with the big decision and find solutions specific to your needs.

The Basics of Our Franchise Financing Program

With the help of a free financial consultation, you can learn more about what we offer.  Here are just a few benefits of using our financing program:

  • No hidden fees or penalties

  • High LTV (upward of 90%)

  • Up to 25-year terms

  • Easy pre-qualification procedure

Our program strives to be transparent.  Our expert team can help you accomplish your financing needs and give you the best loan experience possible.  We can also help you finance remodeling projects, equipment purchases, and other acquisitions.

Get In Touch Today

Our team at Cumberland Financial is ready and willing to assist.  Our skilled financial experts will help you take the next step while offering quality service.  Simply contact us today for a no-obligation consultation on franchise financing.  Our large portfolio of financing options can help you widen your company’s horizons.


Who Qualifies for Healthcare Financing?

Medical professionals are increasingly in high demand for their services, yet they’re also burdened with having to manage expenses such as the cost of opening and growing their own business.  Our healthcare financing is an excellent fit, supplementing available capital for countless needs.  Here are a few ways to put medical financing to good use:

  • Diagnostic equipment

  • Practice expansion

  • Property construction

  • Building remodeling

  • Staff hiring costs

With our flexible financing solutions, you can combine loan types to take care of all of these things and more.  We’re happy to work with medical professionals to help your practice flourish.  We provide a variety of working capital loans in addition to traditional financing.

What Type of Healthcare Businesses Qualify?

If think you need decades in business to get the right real estate or equipment financing, think again.  We have experience getting new healthcare practices up and running in minimal time.  Here are just a few of the professionals we’ve assisted:

  • General practitioners

  • Family doctors

  • Chiropractors

  • Pediatricians

  • Dentists

  • Therapists (Physical, Mental Health, Speech, and Occupational)

  • Veterinarians

Does the size of your business affect qualification?  Not at all.  We’re happy to partner with medical professionals in private practice, physicians groups working as a team, or large-scale healthcare organizations.  Our loans make it easy to expand offices while continuing to provide amazing care to your patients.

To learn more about the credit score requirements for each loan type, or to get started, contact our experts right away.