Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

Should You Apply for Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Financing?

Every business owner wants to acquire property for his or her company. This makes great financial sense and it’s one of the primary business goals to achieve. At Cumberland Financial, we understand the appeal of having your own real estate location, and we make it as easy as possible to find the right financing for your needs. For many companies, our stated income commercial real estate financing is an exceptional solution.

Why Apply for Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Financing?

There are many benefits to owning your own company location instead of renting. With a stated income loan, you can purchase a wide variety of commercial properties without difficulties. Here are several advantages to owning real estate:

  • Your payments are an investment in the business’s future
  • You make decisions about the building
  • Your company can expand or remodel however you want
  • You choose the ideal layout
  • You don’t need to request approval to modify décor
  • Your business has increased visibility

Being able to customize your headquarters completely is totally different from renting. You can take steps to lower your overhead and maximize profits. When the time comes, you’re ready to expand, adding extra production or storage areas. You don’t have to ask for permission to make these improvements and you never need to worry about a landlord raising your rent.

What Are the Requirements for a Stated Income Real Estate Loan?

Stated income financing is generally even easier to qualify for than traditional commercial real estate loans. You don’t need perfect credit or collateral to use for the loan. Instead, the building you want to purchase acts as collateral and helps to minimize risk. As long as you have fair credit, management experience and healthy cash flow, you company is likely to get approved quickly. The documents required are mostly related to the property’s value, so you don’t need to dig up years of business records.

To fill out an application or find additional information, contact our friendly financing team right away.