Term Loans

Need a Simple, Straight Forward Funding Solution?

Everyone appreciates simplicity.  At Cumberland Financial, that’s the business term loan—a stable, flexible way to access more working capital, expand your business, and build your credit.  If you desire a simple business financing solution, this is it.  Our business term loans make sense for companies ready to make large capital investments.  These are the things that will help your company expand.

If you qualify, our business term loans carry more advantages than most other financing products.  They are typically the cheapest products due to their lower interest rates, and carry longer terms.  They also generally offer the highest borrowing amounts.

Another advantage is the simplicity of the fee structure and repayment schedule.  Our business term loans can come with a fixed interest rate.  That means your payments will stay constant over the duration of your loan.  You’ll be able to easily calculate how much financing you can afford for your business.

Business term loans are set up to meet most any business need, no matter how unique.  You can use your loan for a number of business uses:

  • Hiring staff

  • Working capital

  • Purchasing real estate

  • Restructuring business debt

  • Financing business expansion

  • Meeting payroll or tax obligations

  • Purchasing equipment or inventory


Is the Time Right for an Unsecured Business Line of Credit?

Some business owners hold back from applying for unsecured business lines of credit because they’re worried they won’t qualify.  At Cumberland Financial, we always encourage you to apply for the financing that fits your business needs.  Often, your company’s credit score isn’t the main factor that determines approval.  Here’s what we look for instead:

  • Wise capital management:  small business owners don’t need a capital surplus to show they manage capital wisely; when we see you investing capital in your company’s success, we see a promising entrepreneur.

  • Business talent:  size isn’t everything when it comes to success in business; often, the friendly and down-to-earth nature of small business owners is what gives their companies such a great reputation with customers.

  • Passion for company growth:  we’re always on the lookout for determined and inventive entrepreneurs who never give up; it’s those we want to help obtain the capital necessary to turn goals into reality.

While your company’s credit score will affect the total interest rate and credit cap you qualify for, credit score is just one among several important factors.  We’ve helped many small business owners qualify for unsecured business lines of credit, providing access to emergency funds and working capital for virtually any need.


Don’t delay, contact Cumberland Financial to learn how a business term loan or unsecured business line of credit can help your business.